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  • धनकुटामा बडा अध्यक्षले तिरिदिए विद्यालयको ऋण
  • सौठामा अस्पताल भवन शिलन्यास
  • दूधमा चितवन आत्मनिर्भर जिल्ला बन्दै
  • कानूनी राय लिन सभामुख महराको सुझाब
  • सिजुवाबजार बाट कादुपाडा जोडने सडक कालोपत्रे हुने
About Us


Himshikhar Television  is a private television station based in Damak, Jhapa in the Eastern Region of Nepal and having it's corporate office at Pashupati Vision, Gausala, Kathmandu. Himshikhar Television is in Chairmanship of Dhruba Prasad Neupane. It was established in 2010 and started full phase broadcasting on January 19, 2011, under a terrestrial and cable television transmission license. It has offered programming on human rights and social issues, highlighted tourism places and area of prosperity, along with analysis on aspects of economic development in the Eastern Development Region. 

Himshikhar Television has been awarded for various campaigns and activities that are performed to explain social issues and to promote endangered culture and communities.